This entries represent my own views. They represent my views for many different subjects.


  • Began project 'github-cli'

    An utility for basic Github interaction right from the command line

    One thing that always bothered me with GitHub when using the terminal was the lack of a CLI utility to interact with it. You always have to open a browser, head to the GitHub page and perform the action that you need to.

  • Configure 'git send-email' with GMail (TLS)

    How to set it up without tamper with the macOS system (no sudo)

  • Linux QoS CONISLI presentation

    I was one of the presenters in this year’s CONISLI event at the “Anhembi’s Conference Bow” in São Paulo.

  • Awakening

    Many people pass by life… They don’t care about it. Usually they are a lot busy thinking about their possessions and their will, in the future, or their memories in the past, but they never live the moment, and so, life pass by them. The most important time, simply pass by, because they never had time…

  • Open Source Magic

    I got a glimpse of the software future, and didn’t recognize it…