Many people pass by life… They don’t care about it. Usually they are a lot busy thinking about their possessions and their will, in the future, or their memories in the past, but they never live the moment, and so, life pass by them. The most important time, simply pass by, because they never had time…

Life in the big cities imposes it on us, with it’s continuous competition. Everybody is pushed to it’s limit, having to give more and more in exchange of less time and a lower quality of life. But the most alarming thing is that many of this people thinks that it’s normal… These people lost, or never have, the real sense of “being alive”.

The beauty and the smell of a flower. The sense of time and the present moment. All of those small things in our day by day existence are important, because they help us find our place and our role in the world.

I think that the major poisoner of occidental humanity is extreme capitalism. I agree that we must work to have a means of living, and that we need money… Actually the problem isn’t this “need”, but the way that the occidental culture says that you can’t get enough money. In all daily events they try to convince you that you always need more and more money to became a “cool person” and to have recognition amongst your friends and peers…

First of all, I think that “being cool” is something that is from within and independent of your bank account status.

Second, I think that recognition isn’t related with money, but with actions. Many people that I knew got recognition doing unpaid, voluntary work.

I think that this is the most important work that someone could do, because no other job in the world pays so well. It’s so rewarding to see that some of your time can make a big difference in the life of someone else. Everybody should try this sometime, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to help you became a more conscious human being.

I thought a lot about these facts, and than I decided to combine my daily work with this way of seeing the world, so I began to work and promote the use of Free Software (free as speech). I think that knowledge must be shared, as it aways was in the past.

That’s what I advocate!

The Sleeper has Awake…